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We created the highest rated mobile banking app on the market after taking over the development of the previous mobile app, which were confirmed with significantly higher user rating.

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The task was to improve the already existing eBank app’s stability immensely, to broaden the functionality, to develop a mobile app trusted by the customers, meanwhile also create a new code base on which the Bank could easily and quickly implement future innovations and additional new features. The success of the development is also confirmed by the outstanding customer rating compared to the market average.



The development of eBank has been implemented in three major phases, consisting of continuous, small-scale improvements over several years, for which an agile approach is essential.


In the first phase of the project, we rewrote the legacy system code base to improve stability, earning higher customer trust.


The second phase was a complete redesign and implementation of the frontend, which laid the foundation to provide new features and functionalities, a more modern UI and UX for our customers and to speed up the introduction of future features.

New Functions

After the successful first two phases, the third phase started to introduce new features (e.g. modern PFM, Eco Calculator and Family feature, which provides a new mobile app for children aged 6-18 with parental support) to the app.


  • The continuous development resulted in a 4,6 rating on a 5-point scale.
  • A number of new features have also been incorporated into the application to enable customers to manage their finances more efficiently through digital means, which was particularly important given the significant increase in mobile banking penetration due to the pandemic. The application allows users to open a full-fledged bank account with a selfie (this development was a first in Hungary to be launched by Intuitech in partnership with the Bank).
  • In the PFM function, we can categorize our spending and manage our savings, manage our deposits, and also get up-to-date information on our long-term investment accounts and government securities.
  • The app also allows optional features of the Instant Payment System, including the ability to send and receive payment requests, the ability to fully manage the customer's secondary identifiers, and the ability to use QR codes to speed up instant payments.
  • The delivered product provides customers with a high level of security, including a discreet mode, which allows them to hide their account balance in one go, as well as manage their card limits and card status.