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The first E2E digital mortgage lending process in Hungary.

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A major challenge for the average person when buying a home is the calculation of the personalized loan amount and APR, which can typically only be known after lengthy consultation. In filling out paper documents, customers have to decide from hundreds of data fields whether they are relevant for them and can usually only do so with the help of an administrator. As a result, there is a lot of scope for error and omission in offline applications, requiring a personal visit to a bank branch each time, slowing down the process considerably. We are unique in the domestic market in addressing this customer problem.



The aim of the project was to create a loan application process where the customer can complete an online pre-qualification in a few minutes, even on their mobile phone, and the results are presented to them in an easy-to-understand format, and they can actually receive the amount if they provide proof of their pre-qualification details during the application.

After a quick registration, you can continue your application in a digital customer account where you can view the pre-qualification result, make new calculations, enter the data required for the application, upload documents and submit your loan application online. To enhance the customer experience and speed up the processing process, our advisory team has identified opportunities for improvement in a separate 4–6-week project. As a result of the project, we implemented our own CRM system, automatic document generation, and processing engine.

Over the course of the project, we achieved the E2E digitization of the entire mortgage lending process in 6 months, with a 2–4-week live cycle. We delivered a new mortgage microsite, the country's first online pre-qualification process, a fully digital and paperless submission process, and a greenfield integrated CRM system. In a further 3 months, we implemented a process engine to speed up processing, facilitating automatic document generation and optimization.



We have shortened the 2-hour on site pre-credit assessment to a 5-minute process that can be completed online. The 350+ paper fields to be filled in were reduced to 45. E2E application process was reduced to 4-6 hours with online data submission and document upload.

By implementing a digitized process, improving customer experience and automating processing, month-to-date loan take-up increased six-fold. The generic implementation allowed us to introduce an application process for a new loan product in 1 month, using the application process already established for a market mortgage.