Tableau visualisation

We introduced Tableau as a comprehensive BI system for our banking client, replacing the previous manual processes and enabling a deeper understanding through a visual layer.

Financial Institution
Product strategy
Customer Behavior Prediction
Big data


Our client approached us with the challenge that their different departments had not developed a consistent reporting system, each department was using different tools for their own analysis and action objectives, and the effectiveness and results were not consistent.

These were typically highly manual, non-automated, manually completed reports which took a lot of time. They wanted to standardize these processes, reduce the time spent on manual processes for their employees and improve the speed of understanding of statements and dashboards through the use of visual tools.



We assessed our client's business needs, understood their objectives and proposed future automated statements based on available data sources. These were not the spreadsheet-based statements of the past,
but visual dashboards for deeper understanding and real insights.

To do this, we first had to integrate Tableau with the bank's new infrastructure, connect it to the available databases and build the dashboards' wireframes. After several rounds of consultation, the final version of these dashboards was developed to perfectly reflect the real reporting needs of each department.



By automating our solution, we saved our client 200 man-hours per year per department. In addition,
the decision-support potential of the reports revealed a number of previously unknown issues that have greatly helped to further shape the bank's internal and external strategy.