Video Customer Service

Real-time digital identification and contracting, development of video customer service software. We developed a video customer service software with real-time digital identification and contracting capabilities.

Financial Institution
Digital Organisation
Product strategy
Growth hacking
Streaming solution


Digitalization has created a strong demand for services that do not require a physical presence. A product is not fully digital if it requires a personal appearance to identify the customer or to conclude a contract. The Video Customer Service system developed by our company enables a fully digital account opening, government securities purchase and the video customer service functionality via live, two-way video connection.



In the design and development of our systems, we have placed great emphasis on achieving the highest possible security, full compliance with legislation and continuous high-quality operation. After assessing the business processes and customer service capabilities of our partners, we designed unique functionalities to create a customised product that met their business objectives.

We tailored the product to the specific needs of different financial institutions. We introduced appointment booking for several of our partners to evenly distribute the workload. For more complex products, we have developed product-specific application and contracting processes. We have created a call allocation system and call allocation logic that is appropriate for the concerned customer service and takes into account the business value of the call.



Our Video Customer Service systems enable our partners to connect their customers to our partners' customer service teams instantly, securely and reliably via high-quality video using their mobile or desktop devices. Our systems handle hundreds of video calls daily and have enabled thousands of contracts since their launch.