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We don't just deliver a working product, we support our clients to ensure that the software delivered fits their long-term business goals. We provide back-end, front-end and mobile development expertise.

Languages and frameworks:

Java, Spring, Angular, Swift, Kotlin and Python.

In addition to these, the company has competencies in other languages and frameworks such as J2EE, Liferay, WebRTC, React, Vue, Flutter, Objective-C, Cordova and R, according to the needs of our clients. If required by the client we can also operate the software we develop systems in cloud or on-premise.

Always adapting to the changing needs, intuitech provides flexible collaboration opportunities for its clients, whether it's fixed projects or time & material (T&M) collaboration, or cloud-based product development, where we use AWS and Azure environments.

We use agile methodologies for software development, minimizing cost and time. To do this, we integrate a developer's point of view from the business planning phase of the project with the help of our hardened developers to assess project scope, technical requirements and feasibility. As a result, our products consistently pass vulnerability tests, win awards and prove their reliability, stability and scalability year after year.

Semi productunderscore

We also created an internal, pro-code system called Semi Product. This allows us to keep our development time uniquely low, our code quality outstanding and our products are not subject to the technological limitations of prebuilt low-code/no code builder platforms, as each of our digital products is unique.
Thanks to our unique Semi Product and our robust coding process verified through rigorous quality assurance processes, we can go from requirements specification to a working prototype in a matter of weeks while exploring further technological possibilities. Thanks to our MVP driven thinking, our development speed is outstanding, bringing full-featured products to market in 10-14 weeks. These products have long product lifecycles and low incremental costs.

What kind of software we develop?underscore

If we were to define at the product level what kind of software we develop, we would categorise it into four categories, with a few examples below
  • Customer channel
    Innovative websites
    Self-care systems
    Habit-forming customer applications (mobile, web)
    Modern streaming solutions
    Video customer services
    Complex online calculators
    ESG supporting software
    Digital solutions for minors
    Online payment solutions
  • Internal use systems
    Customer scoring systems
    Customized, AI-driven CRM systems
    Facial recognition authentication solutions
    Applications for internal use
  • Decision support
    Enterprise cash flow forecasting system
    Customer behaviour prediction system
    Interactive reporting solutions
    Intuitive dashboards
    Asset management system
  • Background process optimisation
    Digitalisation and automations through artificial intelligence
    Document management and contract management systems
    Transaction management portal for admins
    Business process engine
    Settlement system between organizations

What to expect:underscore


Outstanding web apps, mobile apps, internal systems


Uniquely long product lifecycle


Immediate tangible prototype, live MVP in 3 months


Low incremental costs